Danone Roadtrip

Advertising, Creative Direction, Creative Production


We were faced with an interesting problem when it came to Danone; in any activation or sampling campaign, the maximum interaction with the product is always less than 2 minutes. We took the challenge to create a campaign that stretches this interaction to 45 minutes!

Based on the insight that people need an energy boost while traveling, as well as alternative entertainment ideas, we created “Danone Fuels Your Moments”. It was a game on a map given with the product sample at the beginning of the road to the North Coast, and people had to solve the riddles on the map. The riddles were interesting; words from our SoundCloud playlist, and numbers on the pack, among others. Those who were able to finish these riddles, were able to redeem different prizes.

We were able to get people to engage with the bottle for 45 minutes, and enjoy the process.


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